Batman V. Superman Spoiler Reveals Surprising Death

In spite of the threat of overwhelming legal and financial ramifications, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice producers are having a hard time keeping their extras quiet.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. Obviously.

And so it is that another crowd scene comes and goes, and another extra takes his story directly to the press. This time? A potentially major plot point is revealed, although not one that directly impacts any named characters.

The Superman Homepage claims that the movie will feature a funeral for the President of the United States -- although under what circumstances he dies isn't clear.

That led some in the comments to speculate about a "President Lex" storyline coming to pass, although more likely than that would probably be Lex being somehow involved with the death.


Another commenter, though, noted that it's common practice for extras to be misdirected (in part for reasons just like this one). "The President" is a figure whose death would have a profound impact on a large number of people, so covering a major death of any character by saying it's for the President would be a plausible move on the part of the filmmakers.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters in March 2016.