Beetlejuice 2 Might Not Include Tim Burton, Director Reveals Why

Beetlejuice 2 might not end up including Tim Burton and he has some ideas why. Deadline reports that he made some of the comments during a recent Masterclass. Now, Plan B productions has been confirmed as working on the sequel earlier this year. But, Burton seemed to be ambivalent about his own involvement. When approached by the outlet, the filmmaker clarified that "nothing is out of the question." It's a weird space for the long-requested follow-up. Beetlejuice was nothing short of a smash hit many moons ago. With the current landscape of remakes and reboots, it seems like the perfect cultural artifact to shine-up. However, just because these beloved projects can come back from the dead, that doesn't mean their entire creative teams are along for the ride. Doing his part to aid in the mystery, Burton tried to address all the fervor in his signature tone. Take a look at his read of the situation down below!

"I only know if I'm making a film when I'm actually on the set shooting. I try to go back to the root of everything. It springs from a seed and then it grows, rather than out of these statements," Burton offered. "I am working on ideas and things but it's all very early days. We'll set how it goes. How's that for a none answer?"

Will Beetlejuice 2 Even Happen?

Composer Danny Elfman had his doubts while speaking to this year. "I have no idea. I hear rumors just like you've heard," Elfman began. "I ran into Michael Keaton somewhere about seven years ago and he goes, 'So we're doing Beetlejuice 2,' And I go, 'Are we?'… And then I didn't hear anything about it again. So I'm from the, I'll believe it when I see it camp, but I know that it's been talked about for quite a while."

Back in 2019, the composer said some similar comments. Elfman would add that he's usually the last one to know about this things. Composers are traditionally a late in the game addition, especially with the resume he's put together over he course of his career.

"Projects will be in development for quite a long time." Elfman elaborated. "So I think it is something that has been in development for a few years, but I don't know where it is in that process. I'm always the last one to hear, believe me. Often, I'll hear about whatever movie Tim is doing, it is kinda funny, because he'll call me and he'll say 'Danny, I'm doing such and such a film, would you like to come on board?', and I'll already have read about it in Variety two weeks earlier. So I'm not the first one to hear about things, let me put it that way."

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