Black Adam Producer Hiram Garcia Addresses Production Timeline

The fans waiting for Black Adam might be skeptic the film is ever going to be released until they [...]

The fans waiting for Black Adam might be skeptic the film is ever going to be released until they see hard evidence of cameras rolling on set. Dwayne Johnson was cast in the titular role years ago but changes behind the scenes of DC Comics movies and the franchise involving the popular characters has resulted in the actor's debut in the role being held back. After DC FanDome, there are signs of genuine hope and excitement after The Rock teased some of what's to come in the film. As the filmmakers gear up to get to work on Black Adam, producer Hiram Garcia opened up on what the timetable for shooting might look like.

"COVID threw a curveball in a big way and readjusted everyone's schedule, but I think the easiest way to look at it is it simply pushed the entire industry's schedule a few months," Garcia told Collider. "We're planning to pick back up with Black Adam some time first quarter next year and hoping to lock that all down soon." As it stands now, Black Adam is slated for release in December of 2021. A production beginning in early 2021 may result in pushing the release back again but that remains to be seen.

"We're excited to proceed as planned with all our projects but our main priority has been making sure we can create safe environments for our cast and crew which we've been able to do," Garcia notes. "We're fortunate to work on big productions and ourselves along with the entire industry have worked to devise new protocols and systems that allow us to proceed in safe ways keeping the talent, crew and entire production safe. We've gotten to a place where it feels like we've established some amazing guidelines that allow us to get back to work and so now it's about rolling that out and applying that formula to all our productions across the board. Obviously as you apply that formula to productions the projects take on new forms due to added costs, new approaches and the required reimagining of some sequences that now have unique protocols and requirements placed upon them."

At the end of the day, Garcia is the perfect hype man for the project, as he seems to have a similar love for the characters coming to Black Adam as many of the fans do.

"We're thrilled with how the [DC FanDome] announcement went and the incredible fan reaction from it," he says. "Our director Jaume Collett-Serra has always had a great vision for what we all want to achieve and I think audiences are going to go crazy when they see the story and sequences we've been creating that showcase this world and more importantly what Black Adam is truly capable of. It's fun to truly showcase all of his abilities and watch someone with this much power who, unlike other powerful DC characters, doesn't believe in pulling their punches. Then on top of that you add in the complexity of his character and the things he's carrying with him, what he's been through, what he's come from and where he's going to go.. and it makes for a for a very unique and intense cinematic ride."

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Black Adam is set to hit theaters on December 22, 2021.