Spooky Black Bolt Fan Art Has Us Wishing for More Inhumans

Black Bolt and family were first introduced to the mainstream in the form of ABC's Inhumans. The joint venture between Marvel Television and IMAX was a bonafide flop on all fronts and before long, the entire series was quickly swept under the rug. Beings the show featured little connective tissue to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, most fans hope the characters can return on a more permanent basis at some point in the future either in a Marvel Studios film or Disney+ series.

If you're like BossLogic, you might hope to see the characters return as zombies in some sort of live-action Marvel Zombies adaptation — at least, that's what the fan-favorite artist says with one of his latest pieces. Featuring Black Bolt in his classic comic design, the king of the Inhumans has weathered away due to his condition, and the end result if the perfect piece for spooky season.

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"Say something, I'm giving up on you"

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Though Anson Mount ended up playing the character in the television show, one popular fan choice that always surrounds speculation involving the character isGuardians of the Galaxy star Vin Diesel. In fact, Diesel himself has said he'd love to step into the role. "It's up to you guys," Diesel previously told ComicBook.com during a launch event for F9. "Let's just say it'd be a real practical joke on Vin to give him a character that says three monosyllabic words and then follow up with another character that says nothing. Crazy? You saw that."

Back around the release of Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, Diesel said it's more of a when-not-if scenario, mentioning the ball was in his court at the time.

“I don’t do too much ’if it happens,'” Diesel said. “Do you know what I mean?...I don’t do too much ’if it happens,’ it’s more at what level it will happen… it’s not a matter of me wooing Marvel, it’s a matter of Marvel wooing me. And I love them, but I’m just saying, show me a dope script and show me a great director, all of which I know that Kevin [Feige] is capable of, because he dazzled me when he suggested Groot. That was, like, profound to me."

Casting grids that surfaced earlier this year suggested the characters could eventually appear in Disney+'s Ms. Marvel at some point, though that has yet to be confirmed.


ABC's Inhumans is now streaming on Disney+.

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