Black Panther 2 Had a List of "Hundreds" of Alternate Titles

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever reportedly had hundreds of names before the creative team landed on the one they stuck with. Producer Nate Moore admitted this fact when speaking to Collider about the MCU sequel. It's no secret that Wakanda Forever was going to be a tough task even before Chadwick Boseman passed away. Finding the right tone after the triumphant nature of Ryan Coogler's first effort. It feels like the final film is nothing short of a miracle. Despite this fact, the entire process of choosing that subtitle must have been a daunting task after Black Panther. Moore mentions ideas like "Kingdom of the Deep" when talking about their task in whittling them down from the massive list of names. Check out what else he had to say down below!

"That's right. You're like, "Kingdom of the Deep?" You're like, "Does it have to be about Namor?" Then we realized that Wakanda Forever felt right, because it's a story about triumph through adversity," he admitted. "It's a story about legacy, it's a story about persistence, and Wakanda Forever says all those things. Initially, I will say this, at one point it was like, "Oh, that feels like the title of the third movie. Where do you go from Wakanda Forever? That feels like it's the end." But no, actually it felt really appropriate thematically to the story we were trying to tell."

How the Dora Deal With T'Challa's Death? spoke to the producer after seeing the film. In the conversation with Brandon Davis, Moore explained how everyone banded together to deliver a hit. "It's losing Chad, which was a surprise for us, and trying to figure out a path forward," Moore said. "If you remember, we were also developing it in the pandemic and, so, I think, collectively, we were all navigating both the loss of life and the loss of human contact and the loss of all the things that sort of made us who we were. So, I think a lot of that spirit is in the text of the movie and in the spirit of us coming together to make it."

"It became more of a collective leadership, to be honest," Moore added. You know, Chad was such a north star as far as the character of T'Challa and the world of Wakanda, but, honestly, so is Ryan Coogler. And I think when Ryan and the cast got back together for the first time, it was really about a collective effort to make sure that we were getting all the details right and supporting each other. You know what I mean? So, it was a bit of a different vibe, but it was a very familial vibe 'cause we've also been through it."

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