Black Panther 2: Who Are the Midnight Angels?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has given the MCU another group of heroes: The Midnight Angels. But, how did these warriors of justice come to be? Well, they originate in DOOMWAR #5 back in 2010. However, the movie depiction differs slightly from what happens in Wakanda Forever. For starters, their formation as an elite strike-force comes from Doctor Doom attacking Wakanda rather than Namor. In essence, the Angels are the Black Panther's version of X-Force. Some missions cannot be seen as coming from the nation and instead need a covert approach. In come Ayo, Aneka and their counterparts. Interestingly, Okoye is one of the main players as a Dora Milaje in the comics. They strike out on their own when Aneka defies and order and is imprisoned. For readers who are digging that action and want to see more, checking out Black Panther World of Wakanda: Dawn of the Midnight Angels by Roxane Gay and Ta-Nehisi Coates is highly recommended.

The author actually spoke to Entertainment Weekly about that series and delighted in being able to further the mythology of the Dora. "Historically, the Dora Milaje have served the Black Panther loyally and without question," Gay said of her comic. "But because of a series of events that culminate in the current arc of Black Panther, the Dora Milaje are questioning their loyalty and their mission. World of Wakanda looks at how this evolution rises… I love the idea of an elite unit of bodyguards comprised entirely of women who can take care of themselves and the people they are assigned to protect. It's such a compelling role reversal."

How the Dora Deal With T'Challa's Death?

Gurira spoke to The A.V. Club about her character's mindset heading into Wakanda Forever. It seems like a period of transition not only for the nation of Wakanda, but for its protectors as well. Okoye has been so involved with her work as General, that she probably hasn't had the requisite time to grieve the king as well.

"Okoye considers her role very, very vital to the nation and takes her responsibility so seriously," Gurira told the outlet when asked about her mindset in this film. "In her mind, she is shouldering the nation. She has to protect it. She has to protect the members of the royal family that are remaining. She has to keep it secure. Wakanda is considered compromised because of the loss of Black Panther—so there's a lot that she's shouldering, regardless if there is a Black Panther or not."

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