Chadwick Boseman: Ryan Coogler Says Black Panther Star Gave Audiences “Infinite Amount of Gifts”

Ryan Coogler says that Chadwick Boseman gave audiences an “infinite amount of gifts” during a recent roundtable. Spike Lee sat down with the director and The Hollywood Reporter to discuss a number of topics. Of course, the filmmaker wanted to know how the Black Panther star’s absence was affecting Coogler. He’s issued a statement about his star before after his passing, but a lot of the focus in the aftermath was on what the plans for the sequel would be now. Fans have to keep in mind that Boseman was close to everyone in the Marvel Universe. It’s impossible to overstate how much they respected him and how heavily Black Panther figured into the studio’s plans going forward. For Coogler, the absence is still acute, but he realizes that his star left fans performances that will last forever.

"You know, I haven't spoken about Chad publicly beyond writing some words," Coogler explained. "I loved him. I miss him. His talent was so potent that even though he was with us for a limited amount of time, he gave us so, so much. He gave us an infinite amount of gifts."

The director told The Wrap about the sense of sadness that permeated the days and weeks after Boseman’s passing.

“I haven’t grieved a loss this acute before. I spent the last year preparing, imagining and writing words for him to say, that we weren’t destined to see. It leaves me broken knowing that I won’t be able to watch another close-up of him in the monitor again or walk up to him and ask for another take,” Coogler began.

“It hurts more to know that we can’t have another conversation, or facetime, or text message exchange,” he added. “He would send vegetarian recipes and eating regimens for my family and me to follow during the pandemic. He would check in on me and my loved ones, even as he dealt with the scourge of cancer.”

“In African cultures we often refer to loved ones that have passed on as ancestors. Sometimes you are genetically related. Sometimes you are not,” the director continued. “I had the privilege of directing scenes of Chad’s character, T’Challa, communicating with the ancestors of Wakanda. We were in Atlanta, in an abandoned warehouse, with bluescreens, and massive movie lights, but Chad’s performance made it feel real.”


“I think it was because from the time that I met him, the ancestors spoke through him. It’s no secret to me now how he was able to skillfully portray some of our most notable ones. I had no doubt that he would live on and continue to bless us with more. But it is with a heavy heart and a sense of deep gratitude to have ever been in his presence, that I have to reckon with the fact that Chad is an ancestor now. And I know that he will watch over us, until we meet again,” Coogler concluded.

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