Bloodshot Unveils First Episode of Digital Exclusive HACK Series Featuring Chainsaw

The explosive Vin Diesel-starring action flick Bloodshot is about to be available on home video, able to be purchased on retailers such as Fandango, Apple TV, and Amazon. And while the Blu-ray edition is also available, fans who snag the digital edition will be treated to a brand new, four-part series called R.S.T. Hack, which takes viewers inside of the notorious organization and reveals some of their biggest secrets. is proud to debut the first part of the new series with an episode focused on Chainsaw, diving deep into the R.S.T. organization and Bloodshot. Check it out in the video player above!

The description for the new series provides more info about the digital exclusives:

"As the world is exposed to the bleeding edge technology of R.S.T. in news reports across the globe, one industrious hacker bypasses firewalls and dives into the secure files of the covert agency to unearth in-depth character data and black ops technology of the members of the team code-named CHAINSAW. Four separate security breaches bring our hacker ever closer to the highly classified secrets and intelligence of the team and the man known as BLOODSHOT. "

The "in-world" featurette continues to explore the Valiant Universe and the nefarious group that created Bloodshot, so fans will want to take advantage of this digital exclusive when it's released.

Diesel previously spoke with about his decision to play Bloodshot and expand on his plans for the future of Valiant.

"This was different. It's only the second pre-existing character I've ever played. Groot being the first, this being the second. You know I, I like to champion the underdog. It's... a New York Times best seller for a reason," explained Diesel.


"The subject matters, the way in which these superheroes are born in the Valiant universe is different then what we've grown accustomed to in the DC and Marvel universe. This is not somebody consciously aware of some preconceived idea of heroism. It's a person that is imprisoned by this manipulation, tortured by these horrific memories that are implanted, that eventually just has to pull a Spartacus, and break free from it. So you don't ever really, you don't really ever sense a true altruistic, it's just the basic desire to be free. And isn't that bizarre that that basic idea, the basic concept of freedom allows him to be called a superhero?"

Bloodshot is now available on VOD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD.