Bob's Burgers Creator Loren Bouchard on Visual Storytelling in Exclusive New Clip

A week has passed since The Bob's Burgers Movie was first made available on digital release and as of July 19th, the movie is also available on physical home media. As is standard with home releases, the animated movie is packed to the brim with extra behind-the-scenes tidbits in support of the movie. One of those extras includes "Visual Storytelling," a snippet from franchise creator Loren Bouchard that breaks down the importance of animated stories.

One of the things that the show indulges in often that we wanted to bring to the movie as well is the sense of the interior lives of the characters. We really wanted to see the fantasies of the kids and we really wanted to see the memories of the adults," Bouchard says in the clip, which you can view in its entirety above.

Bouchard adds, "Those pieces felt important and really relevant to the story we were telling, so that hopes with scope and scale. We also really wanted to bring our A-game in terms of visual excitement, visual storytelling, and visual jokes. That was such a pleasure because of the team and the abilities of the people we brought from the series onto the movie, and also people who joined us on the movie."

The clip then pivots from footage of the film itself to B-roll of the movie's development process as Bouchard praises his co-director on the project.

"Bernard Derriman, who was my co-director on the movie is truly gifted, his hand rarely misses," the filmmaker continues. "He's like a sharpshooter when he puts his pen to paper because it's just right. His sense of humanity, comedy, and timing basically go to everything. They go to action, they go to small moments, they go to dancing. He applies his skill very naturally and comfortably and it was a great, great honor to see his storyboards and his animation in all those forms."

The Bob's Burgers Movies is streaming on both HBO Max and Hulu, and can be purchased on physical or digital media wherever movies are sold.