Borat 2 Considered Pranking MyPillow Founder

Long before the Borat sequel was even revealed the world the internet was buzzing with rumors about who had been tricked into appearing in the feature film. Ahead of its release it was confirmed that former New York City mayor and personal attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, appeared in the film in a compromising position, literally. In a series of new interviews though, the creative minds behind the movie revealed that Giuliani was just one of many targets they considered for the sequel's big finale, all of whom were people in the orbit of Trump. Also on the list was none other than Mike Lindell, colloquially known as the "MyPillow" guy, another vocal supporter of Trump.

"We had this crazy idea to do a socially distanced interview with Mike Lindell and Borat's daughter, and since we couldn't do it indoors, we'd do it in the edge of the woods or some kind of wasteland," producer and co-writer Anthony Hines told Variety. "There would be a mattress there with a load of MyPillow products and Borat would find Mike Lindell at the edge of the woods in a bed with his daughter. The MyPillow guy would then have to explain what the hell was going on. That was just one harebrained alternative to the scene that ended up in the movie."

Others that they considered to fill into this part were Donald Trump Jr. (who does appear in the film in a brief scene cut from the film) and even the president himself.

"In sort of like a crazy pipe dream world, Giuliani would have been Donald Trump," Hines added. "But we had 20 to 30 people in the Trump universe that could have been the subject of that interview, and with the possible exception of Trump himself, Giuliani was the one we wanted the most."

Star and producer Sacha Baron Cohen revealed that ahead of production they had a table read for the script they'd put together with some friends, who all said their idea for the ending would be impossible.


"This is an absurd movie to write down," says Baron Cohen. "The screenplay for this was ludicrous. We had a table read where we got comedy friends and wrote in lines for the real people with what we hoped they would say. [Our friends] said, 'This is great but it's obviously impossible to make. You're going to end with Rudy Giuliani or Don Jr. and Borat's daughter goes to sleep with them and Borat runs in to save her. This is an impossible movie to make.'"

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is now streaming on Amazon Prime.