Chris Pratt Reveals Why He Wont Do An Impression Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt makes it clear in a new interview why he will never do an impression of Arnold [...]

Chris Pratt makes it clear in a new interview why he will never do an impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bottom line: the action star and former governor is Pratt's father-in-law and a man he has to see at those family dinners on Sunday. It's one thing to do an impression of "Ahnuld," it's another thing entirely to have to look him in the face afterward. Even the best comedian/impressionist would break a sweat having to face The Terminator himself after making fun of him, no? And by now, you can be sure the razor-witted Schwarzenegger has a way of dealing with those who make fun of him...

Associated Press was talking with Chris Pratt when the subject of Arnold Schwarzenegger came up. Pratt shared how Arnold had seen the trailer for Pratt's new film The Tomorrow War and immediately praised his son-in-law for the powerful father/daughter story at the heart of it. The interviewer tried to bait Pratt by saying Arnold had referred to the performance as "fauntaustic" rather than "fantastic," but Pratt was going for it:

"Yeah that's right, but you won't catch me saying that on-camera," Pratt demurred. "Because I am going to see him for dinner on Sunday. And if he says 'Hey I saw the interview where you did an impression of me,' it might not work so well."

CHris Pratt Why Wont Do Impression Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt has been married to Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter (and successful author in her own right), Katherine Schwarzenegger, since June of 2019, with the couple welcoming their first child in August of 2020. Pratt was previously married to Scary Movie and Mom actress Ana Faris from 2009-2018, and the pair have a son together. Through his marriage to Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt is now tied to the Kennedy family (by way of Katherine's mother Maria Shriver), as well as Arnold. Not a bad club to be in.

In terms of his on-screen career, Pratt has some big things lined up. The Tomorrow War will be a big feature-film release on Amazon Prime Video, and in 2022 Pratt will return to theaters in the highly-anticipated threequel Jurassic World: Dominion, and also have a small role in Marvel's Thor: Love & Thunder alongside his fellow "Best Chris," Chris Hemsworth. In 2023, Pratt will return in a major Marvel threequel: James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3. So again: not a bad club to be in.

The Tomorrow War streams on Amazon Prime Video starting on July 2nd.