Damon Lindelof On Star Wars: They Have To Bring Back The Original Actors

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Damon Lindelof is doing a really good job of keeping people guessing over whether he is either already the writer or in the running to be the writer for Star Wars Episode 7. Lindelof, who now has his Twitter background set to a Star Wars image, told Rolling Stone what direction he would take in the new Star Wars movie, while acting as if he knew nothing about Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm before it happened. Lindelof seems to have some very decisive opinions on Star Wars Episode 7 casting. Rolling Stone quotes Lindelof as saying, "As far as casting, my feeling is that they have to bring back the original actors. How can you express that these movies take place after the original trilogy unless some of those characters are in it? I don't feel that they have to be at the epicenter of the drama, and I definitely think they should introduce new characters." During the interview, Damon Lindelof gushes over the Disney acquisition and the decisions that have been made so far. Lindelof describes his reaction as a "tremendous level of excitement and enthusiasm."  Lindelof praises Kathy Kennedy as "an incredible producer."  He even goes as far as to call Star Wars Episode 7, "the biggest event movie in the history of modern cinema." However, the most interesting thing is that Lindelof almost comes across as someone who is trying to throw off suspicion that he might be the guy writing Star Wars Episode 7. Lindelof describes in great detail how he was in a production meeting with Brad Bird when the news first broke. Are we really supposed to believe Lindelof has a huge deal with Disney for 1952 and he knew absolutely nothing about the Star Wars deal? Even if Disney didn't plan on using Lindelof as the writer, don't you think they would have gotten his feedback?  But Lindelof says, "I can't imagine what it's going to be like for the person that has to sit down and write that movie. Whoever takes that job is going to be in the hot seat." If 1952 is a real movie, then Lindelof is already under a non-disclosure with Disney, so it looks like they could have let him in on what they were planning. Not to mention, according to our sources who pointed us to some photo evidence, it looks like Lindelof has spent some time recently at Lucasfilm. The other thing that makes us suspicious about 1952 is a quote from Disney CEO Bog Iger when he announced the Lucasfilm acquisition. Iger said, "One of the things that we're very mindful of is the value of brands and the value of properties that are both known and loved. And we actually determined that we would be better off as a company releasing a sequel to Star Wars than probably most other, I'll call them not yet determined films. So we love the fact that this will take its place in our live action strategy as an already branded, already known quantity, and we think that is obviously a really good hand to have." So would Disney really invest in a big budget unknown science fiction property like 1952? It seems to go against the very strategy that the Disney CEO endorses of sticking to properties that people know and love.