Deadpool Fans Launch Petition To Erect Statue In Deadpool's Hometown


Canadians are proud of Hollywood's latest blockbuster. Can we even call it Hollywood's blockbuster? It was filmed in Vancouver. It stars a Canadian. It's produced by a Canadian. It's main character, you guessed it, is Canadian.

All of this has a Canadian resident urging his fellow Canadians to get behind a Deadpool statue to be erected in Deadpool's hometown of Sasquatchuwon. A man named Oliver posted a petition on (which is having a bit of technical issues at the time of publishing) in an attempt to rally his neighbors to get behind the merc's statue.

Why this issue is important is self-explanatory and I don't feel it's necessary to even convince anybody of this. We, citizens of Regina, and citizens of Earth in general should be convinced as soon as we found out that Deadpool is from Regina!

Since it's announcement, we need to stand proud of being a Marvel Superheroes hometown.

Regina has been home to many great people, Leslie Nielsen, Ryan Getzlaf, Wolfcop, the list goes on… But at the end of the day, the most important person from Regina, DEADPOOL.

We are demanding that a Deadpool statue be erected in Regina, Saskatchewan as we are his hometown, and we are proud to be.

What do you think? Is Oliver's argument convincing enough to have the R-rated Marvel hero erected into immortality his hometown? One just has to wonder... What would the pose be?


Deadpool is now playing in theaters.