Disney Fan Finds Massive Dark Plot Hole from Tim Allen's 'Santa Clause'

It's been a bleak week for fans of the 1994 Disney classic, The Santa Clause. Despite the fact [...]

It's been a bleak week for fans of the 1994 Disney classic, The Santa Clause. Despite the fact that the film came out 24 years ago, this holiday season has already given us a lot of new information and fan theories about the Tim Allen film.

In addition to Allen revealing earlier this week that his character, Scott Calvin, was originally supposed to shoot Santa Claus, a Reddit user has brought some more dark thoughts to the franchise.

CaspianX2 posted an "odd realization" earlier today about how the elves in Santa's workshop must be "hiding a terrible secret."

In case it's been a while since you dipped into The Santa Clause franchise, we learned during the second film, The Santa Clause 2, that the big man is required to find a wife in order to keep his job as the jolliest dude on the planet. Eventually, our Santa finds his mate in Elizabeth Mitchell (best known for playing Juliet on Lost), but one big question remains...

"So here's the realization I had," explained the redditor, "The previous Santa must have been under the same contractual obligations, meaning that somewhere back at the North Pole, he had a wife." Okay, we're following, but here's the rub…

"We don't see any sign of her by the time Tim Allen's character gets there. What happened to her!?" They posted two theories and neither scream "holiday cheer."

Theory one: "she automatically died when her husband did." Now, this theory is definitely the worst since it implies a wife is worthless without her husband. Did she know there was a risk when she married him? Did she just drop dead as soon as he did or fade away as soon as Calvin took over? So many questions, so many possible unhappy answers.

Theory two: "the elves found out her husband died, they told her to GTFO." YIKES. While it's certainly not as bad as dropping dead, it still implies Mrs. Claus is worthless without her husband. Also, where did she go? Is she okay? Did she find love again?

"Either way, the elves evidently chose to never speak of her again," pointed out CaspianX2. While it makes us sad to think of Bernard and Judy plotting to dispose of little old ladies, at least the former Mrs. Clause wasn't forced to marry Scott Calvin in some sort of bride inheritance clause.

Another redditor, Animal-Crackers, suggests the former Santa was still in his first year of delivering presents and therefore didn't have a wife yet. ElderScrolls, on the other hand, thinks that the former Santa faked his death, because he was ready to retire. Their 11-point explanation provides a convincing argument that the old Santa is out living on a beach somewhere with his Mrs. Claus. In the spirit of Christmas, we're going to pretend that's the truth.

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