Doug Jones Talks Crimson Peak, Falling Skies and Fantastic Four

During the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For party at Comic Con International: San Diego, Falling [...]

During the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For party at Comic Con International: San Diego, Falling Skies and Crimson Peak star Doug Jones was in attendance. 

Jones -- who isn't in Sin City but has also appeared in comic book movies like Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Hellboy -- joined for a quick chat about what he's up to these days.

So you do a ton of stuff every year. What exactly are you here to talk about?

My big push is Falling Skies. I'm currently on Season Four, airing Sunday nights at 10 p.m. on TNT -- 9 Central -- and of course Season Five just got picked up, we just got the news for that, so they're going to wrap up the story next summer. 

In the meantime too I'm also doing a webseries called Nobility; it's kind of a space ship story with a little of The Office mixed in so it's got a quirky humor about it. There's also Space Command, another space ship movie where I play an android who's a little bit amok. I've gone rogue. Also, I did a movie called Love in the Time of Monsters, it's a zombie comedy. I play the doctor who has to figure out where the zombie outbreak came from and how to stop it, who gets it as the camp doctor will do.

So that's what we're talking about...this week. I also just finished Crimson Peak with Guillermo del Toro and I did the Season Finale episode of The Strain.

Guillermo is very passionate -- and he's trying very hard to keep Crimson Peak under wraps. What can you say?

The haunted house is a character unto itself in the movie. That's kind of where I live.

I asked Guillermo what I can tell people about what I did in the movie and he said, "Well, don't tell them what you looked like or what you played, but you can say it's a haunted house story and what the eff do they think you played?"

He couldn't give me a quote without the F-word involved.

What would you think if Fox asked you to come back for the new Fantastic Four franchise?

I love the idea of playing Silver Surfer again. Will it happen with this new reboot or are they going to start all over again and find a different way? I don't know. I had a three-picture deal with them but it's expired. That doesn't mean they couldn't ask me again but it just all depends on where their story is going to go.

Is it a little bittersweet to get renewed for a final season of Falling Skies?

I think Noah Wyle being at the head of bout show, I think he's ready for it to be done after Season Five and he carries the show so whatever he says goes for me. I respect his opinion. 

I think the story has been gust these poor people can never get a break. At some point our audience is going to want them to get that final break. In Season Five hopefully that's what's coming. I hope its not the devastation of the universe. I hope that there's some kind of redemption at the end of all five years of hoping for a way out.