Dwayne Johnson Thinks This Black Adam Problem Is A Good One To Have

A certain scene in Black Adam is causing problems for some audiences, but according to Dwayne Johnson, it's a good problem to have. Thursday evening marks the U.S. premiere of Black Adam, and the hype training is chugging along at a fever pitch. Dwayne Johnson and the Black Adam cast and crew have been on a global tour to promote the DC Film, from October 3rd to October 20th, stopping in Mexico City, New York City, Toronto, Atlanta, Miami, London, Madrid, and Los Angeles. There have been teases and rumblings in regard to the DC hero that has fans buzzing, but for now, Dwayne Johnson just wants fans to go and enjoy the show.

After a Twitter user posted about their theater geeking out over a certain scene, Dwayne Johnson replied, "yes the crowd eruption has been the problem, but hey it's a great problem to have. I know A LOT of you guys are going TONIGHT for the Thursday night showings. Stay til the end, have FUN and I made #BlackAdam for you, the fans. LFG"

Is Henry Cavill Returning as Superman in Black Adam?

So the big buzz surrounding Black Adam has to do with the potential return of Henry Cavill in the role of Superman. Fans haven't seen Cavill play the Man of Steel since the long-awaited release of Zack Snyder's Justice League. There has been a big demand to see Cavill back as Superman, and it's looking like Black Adam is where fans will get to see the two heroes meet for the very first time.

"I think the question is, should it be the showdown? I don't know if that's the way to go," Johnson told ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis about a potential Black Adam/Superman crossover movie. "And when fans watch Black Adam and they see the end, and they really pay attention, as I know they will... as they pay attention to the words that were said, they pay attention to the nuance of the looks. We'll let that lead us."

"We can't go right there right away." he continued. "Now we've gotten to a great place where we've delivered for the audience. And when I say 'we're listening to the audience,' they know we mean it. And when we say, 'we're building up the DC Universe,' we mean it. This is what we mean. And when we say, 'welcome home,' you know who I'm talking about." 

Henry Cavill Back as Superman in Man of Steel 2

On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter published a new piece about the state of DC films at Warner Bros. with the exit of Walter Hamada looming. A lot of different projects and characters are at play, but bringing back Cavill for another Superman movie seems to be at the top of the list for Warner Bros. executives.

Warner Bros. Pictures studio heads Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy are reportedly looking for writers for a Man of Steel sequel produced by Charles Roven. Mission: Impossible helmer Christopher McQuarrie is reportedly on the list of names the studio wants to bring on to help pen the script.

If you're going to see Black Adam for an early Thursday showtime, make sure to leave us your thoughts on the film in the comments.