Eternals: New Action Figure Leaks Tease Angelina Jolie's Role in Movie

In a perfect world, Chloe Zhao's Eternals would have already been released; and the same goes for [...]

In a perfect world, Chloe Zhao's Eternals would have already been released; and the same goes for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Before Hollywood ground to halt earlier this year, Marvel Studios and the Disney marketing machine were already gearing up for any regular year with movies, shows, consumer products, and all. Earlier this year, we started getting additional looks at Falcon and the Winter Soldier due to the show's various merchandising assets popping up online. Now, we're in a similar boat with Eternals and Hasbro's wildly popular Marvel Legends line.

More packaging of the Eternals-centric wave has surfaced online, giving fans at least a slight look at the characterization of Thena, the Eternals character played by Angelina Jolie. With Gilgamesh serving as the wave's Build-A-Figure, it's revealed on the packaging he and Thena are "de-facto partners."

"The strongest and kindest Eternal, Gilgamesh becomes Thena's de-facto partner when the events of the past exile them from the other Eternals," the figure's description reads. In addition to the six-piece Build-A-Figure. Ikaris (Richard Madden), Makkari (Lauren Ridloff), Sprite (Lia McHugh), Sersi (Gemma Chan), Phastos (Brian Tyree Henry), Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani), and Druig (Barry Keoghan) are the other figures included.

Earlier in the year, we also saw a standalone figure of Salma Hayek's Ajak, with a massive headpiece and all.

Coincidentally enough, Chan's character in Eternals is the second Marvel role she's played in as many movies. She previously played Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel before being killed off.

"My character dies in [Captain Marvel], so I thought there was no chance that I would really be coming back, which I was a bit bummed about," Chan previously said of her Marvel return. "But then I encountered [Marvel Studios boss] Kevin Feige during the awards circuit for Crazy Rich Asians and out of the blue, he just came up and said, 'We'd love to have you back. We'd love to make better use of you. We want you to do something else, so let's find that project.' But, to be honest, I had no idea that it would be so soon."

Eternals is currently set for release on November 5, 2021.

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Cover photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images