The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Merch Confirms Inclusion of Classic Captain America Villain

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going to be packed to the brim with familiar characters. [...]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is going to be packed to the brim with familiar characters. Sure, you have the eponymous characters in Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), but then you also have reprisals from Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter and Daniel Brühl's Baron Helmut Zemo. That's not even mentioning the apparent return of Georges StPierre as Batroc the Leaper, and the two mysterious character he's been spotted with onset. Now, another character has been revealed to be in the series by way of merchandising.

First reported by Murphy's Multiverse, new apparel uploaded to Zazzle confirms the involvement of Flag-Smasher in some shape, way, or form. In the merch that's surfaced, the designs call out "Flag Smashers," hinting the moniker might be used by an entire group rather than being the name of a single villain like in the Captain America comics of yesteryear.

Though plot details are being kept under wraps, Mackie himself has teased Wilson picking up the Captain America mantle at some point in the series.

"You know what, to be honest, it's very emotional," Mackie previously told Deadline about taking on the title in the MCU. "I've been in the business for 20 years and I've been fortunate to do some amazing stuff and work with amazing people. For me, to be a Black man in 2019 and be given the helm of Captain America with the history of Black men in this country is a monumental step, not only in entertainment, but also in my life. It's been extremely emotional. Look, my grandfather was a sharecropper, you know what I mean? There's a lot of history and pain and triumph and joy that comes along with me being Captain America."

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has yet to set a release date.

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