Jason Statham Says Han's Return to Fast & Furious Franchise Means They Better Bring Him Back as Well

The return of Han in F9 after the character was killed off from the franchise in Tokyo Drift has fans fired up. This excitement also runs through F9 director Justin Lin, who also returns to the franchise for the first time since Fast 6. Since Han died, the story introduced Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw and revealed him to be responsible for the character's death before a showdown with Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto and then a face turn in the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff movie. With Han returning, fans are eager to see what would happen if Statham and Sung Kang share a set for their characters to cross paths since the attempted kill. Statham is ready, as well.

"They better bring me back, because I need to put out that fire," Statham tells EW. "If he's got any score to settle, it's with me."

More specifically, Statham is willing to return to the Fast & Furious' main line of movies in the franchise after his side story with Dwayne Johnson. "I'm game," Statham says. "I love Justin Lin, he's a great director. It's a shame because when I joined the franchise all those years back, he went on to do something else and all I did with Justin was a little tag at the end. I need to do a movie with him. And I'd love to see all the Fast crew, Vin [Diesel] and everybody, they're all great people. I have a lot of affection for them."

Lin is also ready to bring a story like this to life, it seems. The director opened up about getting the opportunity to bring Han back into the movies. "I don't want to be negative, I honestly don't want to do that," Lin says when asked if this Han return is a bit of aa course correction. "I do think that, as an outsider looking in, I'm still baffled… So being away, and the way I found out, I still don't know what happened, but it's okay because I got to come back. And one of the great things is that it feels a little poetic. Honestly, if none of that happened, Han wouldn't come back. And so when I left [after Fast 6], I came in with Han, I'm leaving with Han. So if there was no justice for Han and I came back, I probably wouldn't have brought him back. Again, it feels like everything happened for a reason. And I'm not here to judge anything, but I'm glad we're able to put the right touches on it, and, like I said in January, 'justice for Han' isn't just this movie. I think how we treat this character as we move forward, that's going to be the 'justice for Han.'"

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F9 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.