F9: Vin Diesel Reveals How Daughters Have Influenced Fast & Furious Role

After over a year of delays, F9 is finally hitting theatres in the United States tomorrow. The [...]

After over a year of delays, F9 is finally hitting theatres in the United States tomorrow. The movie's cast, including franchise lead Vin Diesel, has been busy promoting the upcoming film. In fact, Diesel not only had a recent chat with ComicBook.com, but he surprised some fans along the way. Considering the theme of the Fast & Furious movies has always been "family," it's no surprise to learn that Diesel's own daughters inspired some moments in the new film.

"Quite frankly, there are moments in Fast 9 that were scripted by my then four-year-old daughter," Diesel told ComicBook.com. "That moment when I'm putting little B to sleep, that happened to me in my own personal life. And so I guess you do sometimes pull from your personal life. But it's a great question because you don't know which influences the other, sometimes. You don't know whether your real life is influencing the film or the film is influencing your real life."

Diesel added, "And yet when you're working on something for two decades, what I've always relied on and what I've always fell back on, in terms of seeing the direction of this franchise or the task of adding the next chapter... Obviously, we haven't had comic books, obviously, there were no novels. It's just born from the pavement up."

Speaking of the Fast Saga and family, Diesel was recently asked about Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow Walker. Walker tragically passed away back in 2013, and now that his daughter is older, fans have wondered whether or not she might be joining for one of the upcoming films.

"I would not count anything out," Diesel replied to E! News when asked about Meadow. "Let me just—without giving you all of the secrets of Fast 10. Let's just say nothing's ruled out." The actor also spoke about losing Walker during the Furious 7 production.

"When the tragedy happened back in 2013, we stopped filming Furious 7 for about five months because we were wrapping our heads around what we were going to do, while mourning," Diesel recalled. "And the studio accepted a bold decision, which was to allow the character to exist in our mythology." He continued, "And to that end alone, you have to honor that. On a personal level, we started this franchise together. Alongside us starting the franchise, we started a brotherhood. Our brotherhood will outlast the franchise."

F9 hits theaters in the United States on Friday, June 25.