Fast & Furious Movies Leave Peacock After Just One Day

NBCUniversal launched its Peacock streaming service in the United States on Wednesday morning, and to say it has had a rocky start would be a bit of an understatement. People are using the service, and talking about it on social media, which is definitely a good thing, but there have been quite a few issues with the service itself that have outweighed the experience. The tier subscriptions are confusing for folks. People watching on their computers are getting errors for external monitors. The list goes on. Perhaps the most frustrating issue, though, is that many of the service's biggest movies are already on their way out the door.

Shrek, The Matrix, Jurassic Park, and others are going to be leaving Peacock on July 31st, just two weeks after launch. While frustrating, that's nothing compared to the Fast & Furious movies. There were only two movies from the Fast franchise on Peacock when it launched, which was already head-scratching given that the movies are owned by Universal. On Thursday, just over 24 hours after Peacock went live, both of those movies were removed.

Many hoped that Peacock would arrive with most of the Fast & Furious films. Sadly, the only ones on the opening day roster were Fast & Furious (the fourth film in the series) and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Now, as of Thursday afternoon, both movies are gone from the service entirely.

Other streaming services cycle content in and out all the time, even the company behind the service owns the content. We saw it just last month with HBO Max, when it dropped many of its Batman films and added a plethora of Superman titles. There are also streaming contracts with other services to consider. But to lose the only two available installments of your most popular film franchise just over 24 hours into existence? It's hard to fathom that one.

Why even include the movies on the Day 1 lineup in the first place? To cause anger and confusion?


At this point, there's no word as to when either of those Fast & Furious movies will return, or when Peacock will begin streaming any of the other films from the series.

Are you disappointed to see the Fast & Furious movies leave Peacock already? Let us know in the comments!