Former James Bond Reveals He Would Return to the Franchise

Daniel Craig's final movie as James Bond is months away from release, but the actor has been saying for some time that he cannot wait to be finished with the part. That in mind, it's a little refreshing to see a former star from the series express an interest in coming back. Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan was hosting a "Live Watchalong" with Esquire for his first Bond movie GoldenEye, and when asked by a fan if he would return to the franchise as a villain, he emphatically said 'Yes.' ""Would [I] return as a villain?" Brosnan read from a list of questions, adding: "If asked, yes! I believe so."

It's perhaps unlikely that EON Productions would have this happen in a future James Bond movie to avoid confusion from casual moviegoers, especially since whatever the 26th Bond movie ends up being will introduce a new actor as Ian Fleming's character to the world.

While re-watching the film, Brosnan broke down the making of the movie in his live watchalong, talking about the influence that Sean Connery and Roger Moore had on him as an actor and some moments he recalled from the production. He even went on to say to talk about the parts of the role that have stayed with him in the decades since.

"I suppose it's the walk, the presence, and how one carries oneself," Brosnan said. "He's a hard character to get away from. Not that I wanted to get away from him, because I am the man I am, and you use so much of one's own persona in playing a character like this. There's definitely a melding of the two people, the two personas. I'm just not very good with gadgets."

Brosnan starred as the character in four films including 1995's Goldeneye, 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies, 1999's The World Is Not Enough, and 2002's Die Another Day. His final appearance as Bond saw him star alongside Academy Award winner Halle Berry, who revealed an unexpected anecdote about the movie earlier this week by saying Brosnan saved her life on the set.


"I was doing a scene with Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day, and I was supposed to be all sexy and, like, trying to seduce him with a fig, and then I end up choking on it. He had to get up and do the Heimlich," Berry told Jimmy Fallon during his at-home-edition of The Tonight Show. ”So not sexy, so not sexy…You should've seen it. James Bond knows how to Heimlich. He was there for me, and he will always be one of my favorite people in the whole world."

No Time to Die, the final Daniel Craig James Bond movie, is scheduled to debut in theaters on November 25.