Ghostbusters 3 To Film Next Summer Without Bill Murray


Director Ivan Reitman is expected to film the long-delayed Ghostbusters 3 (which may in fact be a reboot of the franchise to some extent, so may not have the "3" in its final title) next summer, according to Deadline Hollywood. Discussing a number of upcoming projects from Paramount, Reitman's name came up attached to the NFL drama Draft Day, which he's set to direct with Kevin Costner. According to the studio, they're not sure what to do with the film because the window between now and when Reitman plans to start making Ghostbusters 3 is "nearly impossibly short." The story also takes for granted that the film will go forward without Bill Murray, who has long been identified as the biggest holdout, rejecting script drafts that the rest of the actors were reportedly okay with. Whether he's officially out of the project or not (for a while now, there's been some speculation he could make a brief appearance just as a way of saying that he doesn't reject the film on principle), this information it starting to sound solid if a studio is making other plans based around the timetable.