Godmothered Star Utkarsh Ambudkar Recalls Awful Theaters Bosses, Details New Character

In Godmothered, Utkarsh Ambudkar checks in for a role which we're going to bill as a villainous one. Ambudkar plays Grant, the boss of a media outlet which knows thin limits on pushing its employees or chasing a story (or non-story) just for the sake of ratings over an honest to desire to be a good outlet. Ambudkar is nothing like his character in Godmothered. The actor whose star continues to rise joined ComicBook.com for an exclusive interview ahead of Godmothered's release where he was quick to not only show off his geek side but also talked about his horrible boss of a character and similar scenarios he has experienced.

During our interview, I joked with Ambudkar about his character working in media, a role similar to that of the staff at ComicBook.com - though I (and Ambudkar) like to think we run a more friendly ship here. "To be fair like my character doesn't know what he's doing," Ambudkar laughed. "And so I did zero research and I showed up and was like, 'I mean, what would it be like if you, if I Urtkarsh, was just dropped into this job with like a little bit more acidity, right?' This character is pretty antagonizing. He's much meaner than I am in his day-to-day life. But which is super fun just to be able to be like, 'Oh if I'm disappointed with a human being, I can just say it.' But I imagine you run your business way better than my character runs his."

Ultimately, during our fun conversation seen in the video above, Ambudkar offered a welcome compliment my way: "I don't think comparing us, would be fair to you!"

Still, one thing we do have in common and you might, too, is having had terrible bosses in the past. Whether they were inconsiderate, mean, or awful for whatever reason, horrible bosses seem to exist everywhere.

"You know, when you're coming up in theater, in New York when you're getting directed in those off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway, like $50 stipend jobs... There's some directors with a huge chip on their shoulder, even in school," Ambudkar explained. "I think there is, there's a generation of actors that in which verbal abuse is a rite of passage. And I certainly came up in that generation of like you go to theater school, you like hit the hit the pavement in New York. You do the theater stuff. Yeah, I've definitely been, I'm not just me but me and my cohorts have been taken a shellacking, a verbal shellacking from some of our directors for sure."


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Godmothered hits Disney+ on December 4.