Golden Globes Pay Adorable Tribute to Chadwick Boseman During Interviews With School Kids

Black Panther fans got a sweet surprise during the Golden Globes with a teacher quizzing kids about Black Panther during the show. Laron Hines has been doing these kinds of videos on TikTok for a while. The kids are absolutely game for these quizzes and dances. All of them reacting to the question of who Chadwick Boseman was will melt your heart. Hearing the children say things like “He’s the Black Panther” or “He’s the good guy!” are just really pure. There’s no question that the actor left such a mark on the generation that’s coming up. A lot of them saw themselves on-screen for the first time with Black Panther. His legacy extends far beyond that though, the icon taking on roles of other historical figures in American history. It can be hard to remember that terrible day when his death was revealed, but the outpouring of love from all corners shows you the impact that he had.

Daniel Kaluuya actually brought home the Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Judas and the Black Messiah. Kaluuya is just the fifth Black performer to win a Golden Globe for supporting actor. His speech touched on that fact and thanked everyone responsible for the film. In some recent comments to The Ringer about Black Panther 2, the star talked about how honoring Boseman’s legacy was actually the most pressing issue. He left some big shoes to fill, but Kaluuya thinks they will be able to do right by him.

"For me, what's important to me is not the Black Panther legacy, it's the legacy of Chadwick Boseman, because that's a human being and a spirit that is real," Kaluuya explained. "How can we honor that? Black Panther is going to do what Black Panther does, but that's a man that lived for us. He did it for us, did it our nephews, our nieces, our kids. It's our duty to honor that man the way he honored us."

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