The Gray Man Has Netflix's Second Biggest Weekend of 2022

Netflix has released the latest batch of metrics for their streaming platform, highlighting how many viewers have watched shows and movies over the past week. Following the premiere of their recent release The Gray Man, Netflix has revealed that the Ryan Gosling-starring film from The Russo brothers was watched 88,550,000 hours on the service. With those numbers, The Gray Man officially had the second biggest "opening weekend" of Netflix's original movies for 2022. The number one Netflix movie for the year remains the Ryan Reynolds-starring The Adam Project, which debuted with 92 million hours streamed in its first weekend. 

After The Adam Project and The Gray Man, the biggest movie weekends on Netflix in 2022 were Adam Sandler's Hustle with 84 million hours streamed in week 1, 365 Days: This Day with 77.98 million hours streamed in week 1, and Senior Year with 55.94 million hours streamed in week 1. These numbers are minimal when compared to the what Netflix brings in weekly with their television programming though, Virgin River season 4 for the record was the #1 TV show this week with 105.4 million hours streamed. Let's dig into The Gray Man's place in Netflix movie history below.

The Gray Man's "opening" numbers give it the #5 premiere weekend on Netflix, sitting below Red Notice (148.7 million hours streamed), Don't Look Up (111 million hours streamed), The Adam Project (92.3 million hours streamed), and The Kissing Booth 3 (90.8 million hours streamed).

The biggest movies on the service of all-time however paint a different picture. Red Notice remains #1 with 364 million hours streamed in its first 28 days, followed by Don't Look Up with 359 million hours streamed, Bird Box with 282 million hours streamed, and then The Adam Project 233 million hour streamed. For The Gray Man to make the Top 10 it will need to push past 197 million hours in its first four weeks, which would kick Spenser Confidential out of the list. It seems likely for that to occur, especially if it performs week over week in a big way. 

Netflix seems confident in the film as a franchise though, confirming today that a sequel and a spinoff are officially in the works. Hopefully the film manages to perform well next week, as it might be a little embarrassing for a series they're betting so heavily on to not even make the Top 10 Movies list for the streamer.