Chloe Bailey Debuts Storm X-Men Halloween Costume

Chlöe Bailey showed off her Storm cosplay for fans on social media. Halloween is in the air and people are excited to see what their favorite celebrities are doing. The singer/actor is bring the X-Men to real life if the MCU is not going to. Of course, the fans on social media adored the picture of Bailey in the black outfit. This isn't the first time that this family has had a brush with Marvel heroes. (Halle had to tell fans that she wasn't playing Kitty Pryde a few weeks ago!) But, judging by those replies and comments, a lot of viewers wouldn't mind seeing her play Storm in some sort of project. Check out what she did with that inspiration on Twitter down below!

Before all that though, her sister's got The Little Mermaid on deck next year. The actress is excited for the movie to get out into the world. "It was so good to just finish it. I'm so happy to just be like, 'Yeah, that's completed!'" Bailey explained to AP Entertainment at last year's MTV VMAs. "I cannot wait for it to be out. I know we have a little while to wait but I think it will be worth it."

Talking to Flaunt, the actress discussed how playing the title character was a massive moment for her. Ariel is not only a Disney Princess, but one that a ton of fans rank as their favorite. The movie has pivoted production between London and Italy. In the end, it should be a gorgeous looking project.

She talked about mentally connecting to the title character. Ariel is a Disney Princess, and one that tons of people claim as their favorite. Production of the movie was split between London and Italy, so it was a mesmerizing film in all facets of production. 

"I really connected with how Ariel feels," Bailey said when asked about The Little Mermaid's beloved heroine. "She just wants to discover something new. She wants to see a whole different world that has never been introduced to her before […] There was a moment particularly when I was in London, and doing things on my own, and working every day, and working very hard, where I was like, 'Okay, this must be what it feels like to have myself to rely on.' I am kind of proud of myself. This has been a wild ride into adulthood."

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