Happy Death Day Star "Totally" Thinks There Needs to Be a Crossover With Freaky

For the nearly two years since Happy Death Day 2U landed in theaters, fans have been hoping there would be an update on when we could see the conclusion of filmmaker Christopher Landon's hoped trilogy, but in the months since his latest film, Freaky, landed in theaters, fans have instead hoped to see a crossover between the two properties happen, with Happy Death Day star Jessica Rothe thinking it would only make sense for the two series to collide. With both franchises exploring a world in which horror mixes with magic and sci-fi mythology, it seems entirely possible, with Rothe clearly being a fan of going head to head with Freaky's characters.

"I think that’s totally the way to go because, as you said, [Kathryn Newton’s Butcher in Freaky] embodies so much strength, power, and twisted badass-ness in that role," Rothe shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "I was so lucky to get to see it on opening weekend, and it has such fun, wild performances from both Kathryn and Vince [Vaughn]. So I agree with you that it totally needs to be a showdown of Tree versus Millie. And maybe Vince can make a cameo as a scream queen because he gave us scream queens a run for our money. He did a really good job."

In the Happy Death Day films, Rothe plays Tree, a character who is murdered on her birthday, only to wake up and repeat the same day as she investigates clues to uncover the identity of her murderer. In Freaky, a mystical dagger causes a deadly serial killer (Vaughn) to switch bodies with a teen-aged girl (Newton), giving her 24 hours to reverse the spell or be cursed forever.

In addition to the mystical nature of each film, another constant was the ways in which Landon managed to subvert expectations and blend a variety of tones within a horror premise.

"But that’s what I love about Chris’ work; he subverts things like that," the actress detailed. "Who would have ever thought that Vince Vaughn would be the next great scream queen? He found a lot of truth, honesty, and vulnerability. These are colors that I’ve never seen Vince Vaughn perform before, and that’s one of the things that I love about genre-bendy films. There’s a lot more permission for actors to step outside of the boxes that people are used to seeing them in."


Stay tuned for details on the possible future for both the Happy Death Day and Freaky series.

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