Happy Death Day Director Thinks There's a "Real Shot" at Third Film, Possibly on Peacock

Happy Death Day producer Jason Blum previously disappointed fans when he took to social media to [...]

Happy Death Day producer Jason Blum previously disappointed fans when he took to social media to note that a third film in the series seemed unlikely, due to the finances required to bring such a project to life, but with each month that passes, fans seem more passionate about the films, resulting in director Christopher Landon now claiming there's a "real shot" at the third film happening. The filmmaker also went on to note that, while a theatrical distribution might require more of a financial investment from Universal Pictures, the studio having the new streaming service Peacock could result in a third installment being developed directly for that platform.

"I need a truckload of cash, if you could just find that for me, I'll send you my address, you can just drop it off, " Landon shared with Entertainment Tonight. "I get this question a lot and I know that there's a huge fan base and there are a lot of people who want to see the conclusion, as I would say, to the trilogy. I think it really comes down to Universal deciding whether they want it or not, only time will tell. We're ready to make it. Like, I have an outline, I'm ready to go write the script, [star] Jessica Rothe, the whole cast, everybody's on board. They all know what the idea is, they love it, so we'll see."

He continued, "I think that everybody wants it, but I think it's just a logistical challenge right now. And there's been talk that maybe they would try and make it for their new streaming service, for Peacock, so I think there's a real shot that it could eventually happen. And the great thing about the idea is that, and this is a spoiler, it's not set in the same day that the other two films were set in so it allows us to sort of take our time a little bit and figure it out."

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's currently unknown what the state of the movie industry will be going forward, not only with production but also in exhibition. Landon's latest film, Freaky, is screening in select theaters, though in hopes of as many audiences as possible being able to see it, the film is expected to land on Premium VOD services by the end of the month.

Luckily, Landon's comments prove just how excited he is to complete the story, which includes possibly debuting the film directly on a specific streaming service.

Stay tuned for details on Happy Death Day.

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