Happy Death Day Star Jessica Rothe Addresses Possibility of Third Movie

After 2019's slasher-comedy Happy Death Day 2U failed to light the box office on fire like the first film, it seemed like the Blumhouse movie would never get to make its third chapter; which was clearly set up by the film's ending and post-credit sequence. In the time since, writer/director Christopher Landon and producer Jason Blum have been emphatic about wanting to bring the film to audiences in some way, but its path to realization remains to be seen. Speaking in a new interview, series star Jessica Rothe opened up about wanting to make that final movie and how important the character of Tree Gelbman

"It feels very important to both Chris and I that if we do have the opportunity to make a third film and finish the trilogy and finish Tree’s story, we want to do it right," Rothe told The Hollywood Reporter. "I feel so much love and so much deep protection over her as a character, her as a final girl and her as a role model for young women and people of all ages. So I would never want us to sacrifice her story and her journey just to make it something smaller than it deserves to be. Making any kind of follow-up film is always really tricky since you want to make sure it lands the right tone and in the right place. So I’ll be interested to see if we’re lucky enough to find that right place and find the right way to conclude that story."

Rothe also opened up about working with Landon, revealing that she would work with him on any project, be it Happy Death Day to Us (the proposed title for the third film) or any other project.

"Chris Landon’s brain works in so many brilliant and unpredictable ways, and so I’m sure that title knocked around in his brain for a while. But I would follow him to the ends of the Earth, whether it’s on a Happy Death Day Tree, Happy Death Day to Us or a different project. I just think that he is one of a kind."

Jason Blum has previously said he's "very determined" to get Happy Death Day 3 made, noting in one interview that the film could be made on a new release model that could make the film more feasible.


"That's a perfect [premium video-on-demand] movie," Blum told GameSpot. "Universal has this agreement: 17 days in the theater. The same as Freaky, 17 days in a theater and then [it] goes to PVOD. We should make Happy Death Day 3 for that system. I mean, if that movie isn't right for it, I don't know what is. So that's what it would be."

Stay tuned for further details on the Happy Death Day franchise as we learn them.