HBO Max Boss Describes The Differences between HBO GO, HBO NOW and HBO Max

Warner Bros. is offering a lot of different HBO products right now. With the launch of HBO Max, the studio now offers four different services: HBO, HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max. That's a lot of HBO. HBO Max seems to be the ideal landing spot for all of the customers looking to consume WB content and, eventually, it will most likely be the last one standing. However, some casual consumers might be a bit overwhelmed or confused by the number of HBO options available to them now. To clarify the plans and services, HBO Max boss Bob Greenblatt opened up about the various options.

We've talked a little bit about that over the past few months. Go and Now are essentially the same thing, you just get it differently," Greenblatt told CNN. "They will continue for a while. Look, if a customer just wants HBO and just wants to have nothing but that service we're happy to still offer that to them. And I think before too long it will whittle down to HBO will always exist and then HBO Max will exist. And I think HBO will be the linear service and HBO Max will be a bundle of HBO and the rest of it. At first, we're throttling some of these things down, but I don't think it will be too long before it gets much more simple."

HBO Max is a one-stop shop for all of the Warner Bros. movies and TV shows ranging from Harry Potter to DC Comics titles. HBO remains a part of cable packages, offering films and shows in real time on a programming schedule. HBO Now allows users to stream HBO to their phones. HBO Go allows an on-demand version of HBO content for mobile devices.

HBO Max is off to a slow start with mobile app customers. Estimates for the day one downloads of WarnerMedia’s latest foray into on-demand streaming was sitting at about 90,000 users on Thursday. This may be a direct result of many services being available in addition to HBO Max. The download numbers from SensorTower and Bloomberg paint a stark picture when contrasted against newly launched services like Disney+ and even Quibi. The Walt Disney Corporation’s platform managed to entice 4 million mobile users when it launched last November. For Quibi, 300,000 downloaded the short-form focused app when it debuted in April.

Over time, titles like Zack Snyder's Justice League will likely entice many more users to get on board with HBO Max and mobile use of the platform.