HBO Max Exec Says There Have Been "Productive Conversations" With Roku

Following the announcement earlier this month that Warner Bros.' entire 2021 slate of films would [...]

Following the announcement earlier this month that Warner Bros.' entire 2021 slate of films would debut on HBO Max the same day they hit theaters, Roku users immediately wondered if this meant that the streaming platform would be available on the service, as WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar recently noted that there continue to be "productive conversations" between the studio and Roku. Of course, Roku is only one avenue to view HBO Max, as there are a number of other ways to watch content from the service on your TV, but given how many millions of Roku users there are, both companies know how beneficial it is to strike a deal.

"We do respect each other and we are having productive conversations," Kilar shared with Variety. "I do have optimism that something gets done."

As more and more streaming services launch and audiences cut the cord to their cable providers, a number of complications are arising about how to actually access certain apps. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as a service launching and immediately being available on all capable devices, as deals need to be negotiated in regards to advertisements on the streaming service and the companies responsible for hosting the apps.

An official HBO Max app isn't the only way to watch its content, as fans can access the service on computer browsers, or they can access the app from a mobile device and either mirror that device on their Roku or use a Chromecast to watch the app's content on their TV. Still, with Roku being in an estimated 46 million homes, having a native app would surely make HBO Max's content more exciting.

One of the last updates on the deal came last month when Roku CFO Steve Louden also confirmed the ongoing talks.

"We generally don't talk about where we're at in deals," Louden shared at RBC's Global Technology, Media, Internet, and Telecommunications Conference. "But we continue to talk to folks and our goal is to have all content on there. Similar to the Peacock situation, we're not always first. But we've got a very good idea of what the market is and how much value we can create. We've got the biggest, most engaged user base in the U.S. and so hopefully we can get a deal done."

The good news is that, following the announcement of a deal being made between Roku and HBO Max, it's likely that the app would then be available on those devices in a manner of days. With Wonder Woman 1984 landing on HBO Max on December 25th, it would be in the best interest of both parties to come to an agreement before then.

Stay tuned for details on HBO Max coming to Roku.

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