Watch: Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale Reunite for High School Musical TikTok Dance Party

With so many around the world self quarantining due to the Coronavirus, social media has become one of the main outlets and ways to communicate with fans and friends. If you happen to be a fan of Disney's High School Musical franchise, especially the original movies, social media also created a mini-reunion of two of the film's beloved stars, those being Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. Hudgens and Tisdale played Gabriella Montez and Sharpay Evans respectively in the original hit films, and thanks to TikTok created a fun dance reunion to one of the film's classic songs, and it is amazing. You can check out the High School Musical mini-reunion of Gabriella and Sharpay in the video below (via EW).

It started with Tisdale, who shared a video of herself dancing to High School Musical's We're All In This Together song on TikTok. Afterward, Hudgens saw the video and used TikTok to insert herself into the clip alongside Tisdale so they could dance and sing sid by side, making any High School Musical fan's day in the process.

Tisdale's original video was posted with the caption "If you need to work out while on #selfquarantine try this 😂 hopefully this will brighten your day a little!"

Then it was Hudgen's turn, who posted her video with the caption "Well. It's come to this. Lol @ashleytisdale maybe I start getting into tik tok? Username is vanessahudgens not vanessahudgens0 okay byeeee"

So, now the ball is in Zac Efron, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, and Lucas Grabeel's court because if they all get in on the fun, we could end up having a full-on TikTok reunioin on our hands, anD who wouldn't love that?


You can check out the video in the post above.