Hulu Is Now Streaming One of the Best Comedies of the Past Ten Years

Fan-favorite comedy Game Night finally streaming thanks to Hulu.

As movie theaters gravitate towards showing nothing but blockbusters, the appearance of a comedy has become an increasingly rare sight. Once upon a time not too long ago, however, theaters often did screen mid-budget comedies, with some even performing exceptionally. One of those films is Game Night, the Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams vehicle that follows a married couple as they battle criminals across the city as part of a game night gone awry.

Given the film has been out of theaters for five years, it's only available on digital media and whenever a streamer picks up the rights to it. The latest such streamer to pick up Game Night is Hulu, which is now carrying the film allowing those that subscriber to service to stream it for no extra charge for the foreseeable future.

Will Game Night ever get a sequel?

Because Game Night has become a bit of a cult classic in and of itself, many have been wondering if the movie would ever get a sequel. We asked Game Night star Lamore Morris if we'd ever see a sequel in 2021, to which the actor said he didn't think something will materialize.

"I heard it being talked about but I don't think it was ever too serious of a conversation," Morris said on Talking Shop,'s live Instagram series. "I think if you talk to John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, directors, and Jason Bateman, you know, maybe. Because it makes sense, the movie did well. People loved the movie. I've never heard someone say, 'That's a bad movie.'"

Game Night was popular with critics and fans alike, getting overwhelmingly positive reviews and taking in $117.7 million at the box office -- solid numbers for a comedy based on an original concept. "It's a fun movie, the cast does great everyone's great in it," Morris said. "I would love to do, a remake, or a sequel to that."

Game Night is now streaming on Hulu.