Iron Fist Season 3 Would Have Adapted Character's Most Popular Comic Series

Like every other Marvel-produced series that aired on Netflix, Iron Fist was unceremoniously canceled once Disney began developing its own streaming service. While some shows in that corner of the Marvel world had a chance to wrap up their stories, others were cut short in the midst of storylines just starting to be fleshed. Case in point, the second season of Iron Fist was largely viewed as a reset, something to change the viewpoints of audiences after a disastrous first outing.

Because of that, those behind the series wrote the second season as if it would carry into a third. Unfortunately for fans of the show, it was stopped short, right as it was about to adapt the Living Weapon's most popular comic series.

"I love Danny Rand. I love that character. I love everything about him. I think he's such a jewel, and so did [showrunner Raven Metzner] as well. And we really would just vibe out and geek out together about the prospects of what we could create with that character," Finn Jones tells us about prospects of a third season.

"And the second season was really all about course correction. It was like, how do we just change the course and the conversation around this show, and just bring it up to a place that we can feel proud of," he adds. "And then we can take the show in the direction that we really want to take it in."

That's when Jones says the third season would have featured Rand and Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey) on a globe-trotting adventure which would tie into the Orson Randall stories of the Immortal Iron Fist source material.

"Raven especially wanted to see Danny and Ward off in distant lands fighting crime and having the guns and the Orson Randall and that kind of persona," Jones continues. "And then Colleen would be in New York with the Iron Fist, kind of coming to terms with that responsibility. And then eventually over I think the course of that season, they would find each other again and become whole. Yeah, there was a lot of interesting ways that we could have moved forward with that show."

Both seasons of Iron Fist are now streaming on Disney+ while The Visitor is available on digital demand October 7th.

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