Jason Momoa Confirms He Was Injured While Filming Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

Jason Momoa has confirmed that he injured himself while filming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The DC movie star was sitting down with his pal Ellen DeGeneres, and spilled details about the on-set injury he suffered while making Aquaman 2. Or rather, the on-set injuries (plural) he suffered. The list includes a hernia, pushed ribs, and even eye injuries that will require Momoa to undergo surgery in order to repair! The Aquaman actor jokingly(?) referred to himself as an "aging superhero" at 42 (though a world of thirsty fans would probably disagree...). Despite the heavy toll, Momoa assures fans eager for Aquaman 2 that "It's gonna be a great movie, you're gonna love it." 

Here's what Jason Momoa had to say about just how badly (and repeatedly) he got injured making Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

 "I'm getting old. I messed up my eyes. I just got something in it that kinda cut it up, and then I've gotta get surgery, I have a hernia, I've got ribs out. I'm just getting beat up," Momoa said to Ellen. "It's gonna be a great movie, you're gonna love it."

Aquaman 2 is currently in production, so Momoa may have to wait to get the rest and recovery he needs - although, he assured Ellen that none of his injuries are too serious: "Yeah, yeah, look at me. I can see great. I'm good to go!" 


Jason Momoa in "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" 

- Warner Bros.)

In the end, Momoa doesn't really cite Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom as a particularly brutal entry in his career, as he kind of just goes hard in every role he takes on - often at the cost of his own body: 

"I just kind of give it, yeah. I love my job and I get a little too excited, then the age thing, you know, I'm an aging superhero right now."

Warner Bros. and DC are hoping for big things from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom after the first film earned a whopping $1.148 Billion dollars at the worldwide box office. Both Momoa and director James Wan have teased that Aquaman 2 will deliver: 

"I think just in the last three or four years, technology is constantly [evolving]... it's just moving at such a rapid pace that what we're doing with underwater [sequences], I mean, that's what made the first one so amazing," Momoa told Fandango. "It's just gone on to a whole other level, so I'm excited for everyone because it's just a lot more heart. There's a lot more at risk." 

"People are going to be in for a treat when Aquaman 2 comes out," Wan told the crowd at DC FanDome 2021. "They're going to get a movie that's more mature, but yet still retains its fun to give audiences something different, something new they haven't seen before."

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on December 16, 2022.