'John Wick' Standout Lance Reddick On His Next Movie, 'The Domestics'

When The Domestics comes to theaters and VOD this weekend, fans will get to see The Wire and John [...]

When The Domestics comes to theaters and VOD this weekend, fans will get to see The Wire and John Wick actor Lance Reddick turn up as Nate Wood, a friendly and helpful Domestic (that is to say, someone who lives at home rather than joining a gang and living on the road) who helps the main characters (Marcus and Nina, played by Tyler Hoechlin and Kate Bosworth) make their way through a dangerous and dystopian world.

Of course, in a world where almost all of the survivors of a government's attack on its own people have divided up into gangs to protect themselves and rob the rest, one would assume -- correctly, as it happens -- that there is more to Nate's story than meets the eye.

"On their journey, I'm a guy who they meet and I take them in for a bit with my family, with my wife and my son. And then, as the visit goes along, it gets revealed that I'm more than I seem to be at first," Reddick explained. "I'm a guy who, basically, considers himself...I don't even want to say 'good,' because I don't even know if that's true. But a guy who's just trying to have his normal life as possible and survive with his family."

That, essentially, is the creed of the Domestics, although since Nate lives in a more populated, violent area than do Marcus and Nina, he has a moral code that is rigid, but at the sametime less quaint than the one used by our heroes.

"I think he thinks of himself as honest," Reddic said. "He's good in the sense of being a good husband, good father. But I don't know that he thinks about his place in society. Usually when we talk about good and bad, we're talking about in the context of social standards. And I think that he recognizes that there aren't any anymore, and it's silly to even think that way."

That causes a rift with Marcus, who still wants to essentially function as if the government is going to swoop in and save the day and everyone will return to normal. It is a common disagreement, popularly dramatized when Rick and Shane eventually had their final breakup in The Walking Dead...and it certainly has the potential to break up what seems to be a perfect relationship when he first encounters Marcus and Nina.

"I feel like that's one of things that's cool about that whole relationship, why the turn is so kinda devastating for him, him meaning Tyler's character," Reddick explained. "He feels like, 'oh finally, some normalcy,' and then...not. For my character, he says, 'Come on. Good people didn't survive; we did.' He's not out to hurt people per se, but he has no qualms about killing to survive or to take care of his family. There's no hesitation."

The Domestics will be in select U.S. theaters on June 28 and on VOD on June 29 from Orion Classics.