Jumanji 4: Hiram Garcia Teases Development Conversations

When it was first announced that a new Jumanji movie was coming along starring Dwayne Johnson and [...]

When it was first announced that a new Jumanji movie was coming along starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, fans of the original Robin Williams movie from 1995 were a bit apprehensive toward the idea. The original is a beloved classic, yet many of those fans were delighted by the product created in 2017's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and the follow-up with 2019's Jumanji: The Next Level. Hiram Garcia, President of Production at Seven Bucks Productions, talked with ComicBook.com in a recent interview where he opened up about the future for the popular Jumanji sequels seeing another installment.

Are there conversations about a fourth Jumanji movie happening, a third overall with Garcia and the new gang? "100%," the producer says. "You know, we're always having conversations, and that's a family, that entire group if there's ever been. It's hard to imagine or remember a time I've been on a set where it's just a beloved group of cast and crew and actors and that's just one of those things where we know we have a really big idea that we want to do with it. We've been discussing it."

Jumanji: The Next Level wrapped its story up by seemingly bringing the game back into the real world as the original Jumanji film did, this time with all of the animals and characters emerging from a video game and being thrust into reality.

"There's conversations have been going we're in the process of moving that along," Garcia says of the next film in the franchise. "I can't tell you anything, but we do have big plans for it and that's one of our favorite projects to work on and that's cooking away."

The new Jumanji titles star Johnson, Hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and Nick Jonas. The Next Level added Danny Glover and Danny DeVito to the mix. Garcia served as a co-producer on Welcome to the Jungle and producer on The Next Level. Both titles were directed by Jake Kasdan. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle took in more than $962 million at the worldwide box office and Jumanji: The Next Level nabbed more than $800 million.

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