Jurassic World 3 Bringing Back Original Jurassic Park Stars

Confirmed tonight during the eight-minute short Battle at Big Rock screening by director Colin [...]

Confirmed tonight during the eight-minute short Battle at Big Rock screening by director Colin Trevorrow hosted by Collider, Jurassic World 3 director revealed that the film would see the return of original Jurassic Park stars Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, and Laura Dern. This will mark the first time the three actors have been in a film in the franchise together since 1993, though all three have made appearances in sequels. It's unclear what capacity the characters will appear in, as recent films have shifted focus towards stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, but with this film set to conclude the Jurassic World trilogy, it could mark the perfect opportunity to blend the integral components of the entire franchise.

Following the massive success of the original film, Goldblum returned for The Lost World: Jurassic Park while Jurassic Park III focused on Neill's Dr. Grant. Dern briefly appeared in the film in a role that was little more than a cameo. In 2015, Jurassic World completely revived the franchise, becoming one of the top-grossing movies of all time, with the only original star to appear being D.B. Wong. Last year's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom saw Goldblum's return, though this appearance was also little more than a cameo.

Since the release of the last film, fans have been clamoring for Dern to make her deserved return to the series in a more prominent role. Many members of the cast and crew, and Dern herself, have been expressing excitement at that possibility since that film's release.

"I don't know, I have no idea actually," Dern shared with Entertainment Tonight earlier this year when asked if we could expect Sattler to return. "I mean, I love Dr. Ellie Sattler so I could never say no to that on any level. But I really don't know, I don't even know what they're cooking up yet."

Trevorrow has also long been sharing his enthusiasm at the idea.

"We felt like this was [Ian] Malcolm's return… this was his… let him have his moment," Trevorrow shared with MTV's Seen It, Spill It. "I feel that way about everyone, especially Laura … she never got to have her own movie. That identified as being something that's important. We just wanted to put the spotlight on [Goldblum]."

The fans' wishes have finally been granted, as we'll see Dern, Neill, and Goldblum alongside Pratt and Howard when Jurassic World 3 hits theaters on June 11, 2021.

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