Ray Fisher Requests New Investigator Into Justice League Disputes From WarnerMedia

Ray Fisher requested a new investigator to look into the Warner Bros. Justice League disputes. The star hasn’t stopped going to social media to give his side of how the investigation is unfolding. Warner Media says that Fisher was not cooperative with the investigation and walked out a meeting with officials about the accusations. Now, the Cyborg actor is trying to come back to the table to have the conversation around the conduct during the reshoots. However, he wants there to be some new investigators and more transparency for him and his representation. This entire situation has led to a wellspring of DC fans rallying behind Fisher with the hashtag, #IStandWithRayFisher.

“Due to the purposeful lack of transparency (and in some cases blatant lies) on the part @wbpictures and the 3rd-party firm hired by them to investigate Justice League—an official request for a change of investigator has been made of @WarnerMedia,” he typed. “So as to protect the witnesses involved and the information they possess, I strongly encourage ANY and ALL that have been contacted by the current investigator to respectfully decline to interview until a truly independent 3rd-party is engaged by @WarnerMedia. A>E”

When Fisher brought up the timing of the Batman announcement so close to his comments about the case, Comicbook.com’s Kofi Outlaw broke it all down:

“To fill in some blanks: Ben Affleck's return as Batman in The Flash was announced in the entertainment trades days before DC's big "DC FanDome" virtual event, which was held last month. Some speculated that it was the studio that announced Affleck's return in order to drum up hype for DC FanDome, and the actor's appearance at the event; obviously Ray Fisher has a different take,” Outlaw began. “When looking back, Fisher is not wrong: On August 20th he posted that WanerMedia had launched third-party investigations into the toxic work environment of Justice League. Later that same day, Warner Bros. announced (through the trades) that Ben Affleck's Batman would be in The Flash.”


He continued, “It does bear mentioning that the other part of Fisher's comment is also true: Later in the same day (July 1st) that Ray Fisher dropped a bomb on social media accusing Justice League replacement director Joss Whedon of being abusive, Warner Bros. just happens to also announce that Aquaman actor Jason Momoa was going to voice Frosty the Snowman in a live-action film. That Frosty movie happens to be produced by Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, two of the other Warner Bros. executives that Fisher had named alongside Whedon as doing wrong to him during Justice League's production.”

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