Kevin Smith Gives Fans a Closer Look at ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’s Girl Gang

Production for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is in full swing and the movie’s director and star, [...]

Production for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is in full swing and the movie's director and star, Kevin Smith, is keeping fans posted on the filming process. Recently, the filmmaker released the seventh chapter of his Road To Reboot video series, which gives fans a closer look at the movie's new girl gang.

In the video, Smith introduces the new cast members, which includes Alice Wen (Mr. Student Body President), Aparna Brielle (A.P. Bio), Treshelle Edmond (Master of None), and Harley Quinn Smith (Yoga Hosers). It's fitting that Smith's daughter is in the gang considering her mother was a member of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back's girl group. The original crew was made up of Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, Shannon Elizabeth, Eliza Dushku, and Ali Larter. Kevin Smith decided to stick with the idea, but make it more diverse this time around.

"In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, we had a girl gang and they were in a van. As you can see, we got another van and we got another girl gang," Smith explains. "Essentially Brodie [Jason Lee's character that originated in Mallrats] communicated that reboots have youth and diversity."

In the new video, Smith interviewed each of the women and they hinted at what you can expect (and not expect) from the movie.

"You have no idea what's coming," Wen teased.

"It's similar, but it's completely different," Brielle shared

Edmond, who is an ASL performer, plays Soapy, who is described by Smith as the character closest to Silent Bob.

"We are the most expressive people in the movie cause we don't really get much dialogue to rock," Smith explained.

During her interview, Harley Quinn Smith teased the return of many classic Smith actors and how some will be playing multiple roles in the film, which is not uncommon in the Smith universe. For example, Jason Lee reprised his characters from Mallrats and Chasing Amy in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

"It's a stoner movie, man. Clearly it was made by a stoner who is just like, 'Let's put everyone in and see what happens,'" Kevin Smith joked.

When it comes to the original girl gang, Smith has revealed that Jennifer Schwalbach Smith and Shannon Elizabeth will both be appearing in the new movie as Missy and Justice, but there's currently no word on Dushku or Larter.

Smith also wants fans to know that they can expect a little heart from the film.

"If Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was like a Looney Tunes cartoon, Reboot is like an episode of The Simpsons where you laugh a lot but then they also pull on your heartstrings as well."

According to the IMDB plot description, the new film follows Jay and Silent Bob as they "return to Hollywood to stop a reboot of 'Bluntman and Chronic' movie from getting made."

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is expected to be released in the fall.