Kevin Smith Speculates Marvel Could Be Raising The Profile Of Spider-Woman For A Movie

When reports surfaced that Sony Pictures was planning to release a female superhero spinoff movie [...]

When reports surfaced that Sony Pictures was planning to release a female superhero spinoff movie set in the Spider-Man universe, it created tons of speculation on the Internet. One of the characters listed in the initial report as a possibility was Spider-Woman, which set off a big debate over whether the Spider-Woman movie rights belonged to Marvel Studios or Sony Pictures.

Most recently, Marvel Comics has launched a new Spider-Woman comic book series. In the past, new comic book series from Marvel Comics have often focused on characters which Marvel Studios has upcoming movie plans for.

In a recent Hollywood Babble-On Podcast, fanboy Kevin Smith talked about the recent Spider-Woman cover controversy, and he also offered up his own theory on why Marvel might be putting Spider-Woman back into the spotlight with a new comic series. While Smith's statement were clearly speculation, he is very well-connected in the industry, and his speculation often turns out to be right.

"Here's what I'm wondering though. When you're saying Marvel that means the comic universe of course and the comics set the tone for what they do in the cinematic universe," said Smith. "I wonder if they are redeveloping or bringing Spider-Woman back, because they're like, 'We can't do Spider-Man as a movie, so maybe we can have Spider-Woman.' In a world, where like everyone's going, 'make a Black Widow movie,' maybe that's where they're headed with it, up the profile of that character. But I wonder if that character would be tied to the Spider-Man deal at Sony or if Marvel could use Spider-Woman in Disney movies. Somebody should look into that." did try to research exactly who owns the Spider-Woman rights, but it turned out to be a grey area, and we couldn't find a definitive answer one way or the other. Could Smith's theory be right? Could Marvel Studios still own Spider-Woman and will the character show up in a future Marvel Studios film?