Child's Sad Lion King Birthday Cake Depicting Mufasa's Death Goes Viral

The Lion King has a lot of memorable moments, but one 3-year-old decided to use the most traumatic one for her birthday cake. On Twitter, Casey Feigh, a TV writer, talked about how his niece Leona requested the wild cake. Her plan was to have Mufasa in the canyon and Simba looking down in horror. In Leona's estimation, everyone else would be to upset to eat any and she would have it all to herself. (Pretty smart kid if you ask me!) Well, the Thirsty Whale Bakery in Minneapolis decided to accommodate their request and the result are stunning. A lot of people couldn't get over how funny the little girl's scheme was. there are over 750,000 likes on her uncle's tweet with no signs of slowing down. Fox TV decided to catch up with the family and the story is actually even funnier with all of the background information.

"And I think my sister laughed so hard at that response that she (Leona) picked up, 'That's a fun response,'" Casey Feigh, Leona's uncle told FOX TV Stations. "She didn't really get why but knew that that was like a thing that adults would laugh at so for the past few weeks leading up to it, we would keep asking her because usually, her opinions change as any about-to-be 3-year-old does, but because she got such a big response from my sister for the first time, she would always say the same thing, she always wanted the Mufasa dead 'Lion King' cake."

"My sister originally emailed them (the bakery) the order because she was too embarrassed to go in person or to call," Casey said. "She thought that if she emailed them, maybe they would just write back, 'Hey, you're a weirdo,' rather than having to get it in a phone call. But they were great, and they in fact gave her options of different moments in the death scene. They did all the work."

"She did not eat the whole cake herself, in fact, she licked the frosting off it, had a bite and she was full and the adults got to eat the rest of it," Casey said. "I thought, I'm a comedian and a writer so I thought it'd be like a fun thing to show to people I've got a cool niece who's funny. I guess I get why it connects. That movie is universal, worldwide famous, and kids say the darndest things is certainly a type of comedy, so I get why it happened."


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