The Lion King Gets COVID Vaccine Parody Song From Viral Musician

One viral musician struck up the band for a COVID vaccine parody of "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" from The Lion King. Kansas City's own Noah Lindquist landed a hit when he turned "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast into "Wear A Mask." The 25-year-old went back to the Disney well and it turns out that is always a good move. He went to Kansas State University and the theater community really enjoyed his takes on the popular musical numbers. That Beauty and the Beast song managed to rake in 3 million views on YouTube. (To be honest, it's probably substantially higher due to other platforms reposting it like TikTok and Twitter.) Check out the fun little homage down below:

The creator spoke with about the Disney songs. He did not imagine it would gain the kind of traction it did. Lindquist explained, "It was something that got a lot of attention for a while, and as most things that go viral do, the attention just died down a little bit as it usually happens. But, you know, it was a lot of fun while it lasted."

Unfortunately DMCA nonsense had the video flagged on some platforms despite the lyrics being his own creation and no real monetization to speak of.

"Minutes after I shared the video directly to Facebook, I was told (by Facebook) that my video was blocked in over 200 countries because they detected copyrighted material that belonged to Universal Music Group," he continued. "I was under the impression that I had fair use under copyright law, because I had no trouble whatsoever with the 'Wear a Mask' video. And the same thing happened to me on Instagram. They gave me the exact same message."

Lindquist added, "And so that point, it's really up to them to decide whether or not that's legitimate," Lindquist said. "I do think not being able to share it to Facebook and Instagram hindered the potential spread of the video."


"My 'Wear a Mask' video was such a surprising and overwhelming success that I worried that any follow-up I create will not be as popular, or not be as good, and I thought I was going to set myself up for disappointment if I tried to repeat the success," he opined. "And because of that, I didn't pounce on an opportunity to create something new. That anxiety really held me back. Because I just thought, wow, this is such a big deal, this is such a success, I can't possibly repeat it. So why would I even try?"

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