Macaulay Culkin Has One Big Problem With Home Alone Petition for Him to Return

Macaulay Culkin has had another day in the sun this year as his name has come up numerous times due to the Disney-Fox merger. Fans have called for him to reprise his role as Kevin in a Home Alone Reboot, but the star has one small note for the casting. The actor appeared in a hilarious Home Alone based commercial for Google Home last year. That ad predated all of this talk about a new Home Alone property on Disney+ now that the two companies are united.

Culkin caught wind of this funny idea for a Home Alone series on Twitter that proposed he reprise his star role as a 38-year-old man, but have everyone else in the cast still act like he was a child. The mental image of an entire movie where nobody acknowledges that he's literally grown (a-la Wilfred) is hysterical. But, as the actor pointed out, there's just one catch: He's 39.

The actor is now known for that type of self-deprecating humor. In fact, one of his funniest Twitter posts is him imagining what a modern-day Home Alone film would look like. He was sitting on a messy couch eating takeout in a very unflattering outfit. Moments like that disheveled selfie show that he hasn't lost his sense of humor about the role he's most associated with.

D23 brought some concrete announcements about this new beginning for the Home Alone movie franchise. Other Fox properties like Cheaper By The Dozen and Night at the Museum will also be getting a push thanks to the high-profile merger. A lot of Home Alone fans are still a bit skeptical about the company just doing another movie after all these years. But if Culkin is fine with it, that will help ease some fears.

A modern Home Alone adaptation would be an interesting prospect. Especially if Kevin McCallister would have access to all the latest technology. The Google Home ad from last year gives the audience an idea of what kind of gags would be possible now. Or the filmmakers would be able to flip that concept on its head and have Kevin or another protagonist trying to thwart the house's efforts to protect him.


Whatever the case may be, the premise will definitely need some tweaking. Things are a little different in 2019 than they were in 1990 and the film will have to adapt to the changing times. The fans' insistence on having Culkin aboard the project may complicate matters a bit as he's a little old to be playing a precocious child at this point in his career. But hey, maybe he would be willing to give it a shot as long as it was funny.