Marvel Studios Having Long And Ongoing Discussions About X-Men

Marvel Studios is having 'long and ongoing discussions' about the X-Men and their future in the [...]

Marvel Studios is having "long and ongoing discussions" about the X-Men and their future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That update comes from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, who recently gave an update on X-Men's MCU debut, during an interview for Marvel's WandaVision series on Disney+. When asked when X-Men would be formally announced (like Marvel's MCU Fantastic Four recently was), Feige told Screen Rant that, "You know how much I love the X-Men. I already said that's where I started. I can't tell you anything before we actually announced it, but rest assured, the discussions have been long and ongoing internally."

It's actually a very big question: how should Marvel Studios approach the X-Men? And how do you introduce Marvel's mutants to the MCU in a sensible way that explains why they weren't there before?

Marvel X-Men Long Ongoing Discussions Kevin Feige

Taking the first question: Different Marvel fans have their own idea of what the X-Men should be; a lot of mainstream fans probably know the movie franchise and/or the animated series from the 1990s and 2000s - they probably don't know just how much the X-Men franchise has changed in comics, during the 21st century. For example, we've already done a deep-dive into the question of whether or not Marvel's House of X reboot should be the basis for the MCU adaptation. House of X essentially created a whole new X-Men mythos and backstory; it's been exciting stuff to see on the page, but would global movie audiences be ready for that version of the X-Men on the big screen?

During these same rounds of interviews, Kevin Feige confirmed that Deadpool 3 will at least retain its R-rated format, with Ryan Reynolds working closely with Feige to develop the film. Deadpool has been the strange middle-child to the Disney-Fox merger. The Deadpool franchise broke the R-rated barrier for the X-Men franchise, opening the door for a film like Logan to follow. That format (and Ryan Reynolds) were things fans very much wanted to preserve, even while adding Marvel Studios' expertise and some fresh faces to the X-Men movie franchise.

As for what will ultimately be decided about the X-Men's MCU reboot? In Marvel we trust. As for when it will happen? Feige would only tease Deadline with the idea that in five years, we'll all be able to look back and see how MCU Phase 4 started laying the seeds to the X-Men's revival: "In hindsight, in five years if when we're talking about everything that's happened, everything can be a ramp to everything."

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue with WandaVision's premiere on Disney+ this Friday.