Marvel Vs. DC: Anthony Mackie Takes On Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Lip Sync Battle

lip sync battle mackie levitt
(Photo: Spike TV)

On the latest episode of Lip Sync Battle – a television show whose sole purpose for existing seems to be the manufacturing viral internet content around celebrities – featured what could be considering a Marvel vs. DC showdown, if you squint hard enough.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Falcon, Anthony Mackie, squared off against Joseph Gordon-Levitt, John Robin Blake from The Dark Knight Rises. Mackie performed to MC Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit," while Levitt gave his rendition of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation.

Check it out below.

Mackie and Levitt both star alongside Seth Rogan in The Night Before, opening today in theaters.


Mackie will return as the Falcon in Captain America: Civil War. Check out when this movie and other movies are coming out in's Movie Release Schedule.