Mary Louise Parker Won’t See RED 2 Or R.I.P.D. On Opening Day

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Mary Louise Parker is in the unusual position of being in two movies that open on the same day. Not only is she in two movies that open on the same day, but she's actually in two comic book movies that open on the same day. In RED 2, Mary Louise Parker  reprises her role as Sarah Ross, who is Frank Moses girlfriend. In R.I.P.D., Mary Louise Parker plays Proctor, who is Nick Walker's superior officer. On Monday night, Mary Louise Parker appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote R.I.P.D. When Jimmy Kimmel asked Mary Louis Parker if given the choice which of the two movies [R.I.P.D. or RED 2] people should go to see, Mary Louis Parker said, "Oh god, I'm not going to see either one." Jimmy Kimmel joked, "That's a ringing endorsement." Mary Louis Parker explained, "Nothing against…so grateful for the job, love the people. No, I don't like to see my face blown up." R.I.P.D. and RED 2 both open in movie theaters on Friday, July 19, 2013.