Mission: Impossible 7 Reveals New Tom Cruise Motorcycle Aerial Stunt Video

Mission: Impossible 7 has resumed production after the latest shutdown due to COVID-19, and franchise star Tom Cruise is wasting no time filming some big action! A production video from the latest Mission: Impossible 7 set has gone up online and it shows that Tom Cruise is taking things to a new extreme level in terms of stunt performance. As you can see in the video below, Cruise appears to go speeding off a huge ramp while riding on a motorcycle, ending in a huge jump off a cliff and a parachute landing to safety. If that's Cruise in the video, this is indeed one of the actor's biggest stunts yet!

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Mission: Impossible 7 director Christopher McQuarrie has been carrying out production over in Norway. Cruise was apparently shooting this motorcycle sequence from Helsetkopen mountain in Stranda. As NRK reports (translated from Norwegian):

"Cruise jumped straight out of a ramp built on top of the steep mountainside. The motorcycle fell straight down, while the action hero plunged over the mountain wall.

'It happened very fast. He traveled up by helicopter, and in the helicopter that landed on the ground again, he came flying out of the ramp on a motorcycle,' says an enthusiastic Ole Arnstein Ringdal from Hellesylt. 'It was completely wild. It looked like there were two men at first glance, but you saw the wheels of the motorcycle in the air. 1200 meters above sea level, straight down from that cliff there.'"

According to Ringdal, Cruise performed this motorcycle stunt four times, while coming over to greet the crowd of 100-200 onlookers, after his third jump. If that wasn't enough of a movie star experience for the crowd, Cruise also made quite the entrance, allegedly flying into the set in a "matte black Airbus single-engine helicopter." If that wasn't enough, Cruise also filmed scenes skydiving and jumping from an orange Norwegian helicopter.


This all tracks with some of the boasts that Christopher McQuarrie has already put down when it comes to the level of stuntwork they are putting into Mission: Impossible 7. It also seems like a much better execution of the botched motorcycle ramp jump that shut down Mission: Impossible 7's production in England, last month.

Paramount has dated its pair of untitled Mission: Impossible sequels for July 23, 2021, and August 5, 2022.