Here's When National Treasure Leaves Netflix for Disney+

There are a ton of great movies and shows available on the already stellar Disney+ streaming lineup, though users are still begging for a couple of titles that haven't yet made their way to the service. For instance, there's already a petition online for Disney+ to add all episodes of That's So Raven spinoff series, Cory in the House. One of the other most talked-about absences from the Disney+ lineup is National Treasure, the adventure film starring Nicolas Cage about hidden messages and clues left on the most important artifacts in American history.

National Treasure, as well as the sequel, have gained a significant following over the years and they remain endlessly rewatchable on streaming platforms, so why isn't the Disney-owned franchise on Disney+ in its entirety? Well, that's a bit complicated, but it will be sorted out in a matter of months. On April 30th, National Treasure will be available on Disney+.

The sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, is currently streaming on Disney+, but the service only includes a placeholder for the first movie, saying that it will be available on April 30, 2020. If you're wondering why there is such a long wait for National Treasure to arrive on Disney+, since it's already owned by Disney and all, it's all about the current streaming deal with Netflix.

As of now, National Treasure is streaming on Netflix as a part of its subscription lineup, along with a few other Disney movies that are also missing from Disney+. Before deciding to launch its own streaming service, Disney had a deal in place with Netflix allowing the service to carry some of its movies. While Disney decided not to renew that contract beginning in 2019, it still has to honor the options that are already in place.

This includes movies like National Treasure. Netflix has not revealed when the movie will be leaving the service, but Disney+ has confirmed it will arrive there on April 30th. This means that National Treasure will leave Netflix sometime before that, though it will likely be a simultaneous switch. Thor: Ragnarok is leaving Netflix on December 5th, the same day Disney+ lists as its availability. So it looks like Disney-owned titles are arriving on Disney+ the day their contracts with other streaming services end.

So until April 30th, you'll have to watch National Treasure on Netflix, then switch to Disney+ to check out Book of Secrets. Maybe if there is enough excitement behind the franchise on Disney+, the House of Mouse will finally give that third movie the green light. We can always dream, right?


If you haven't checked out Disney+ yet and you want to give it a go, you can do that here.

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